Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The Research Proposal Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

The Research Proposal - Dissertation Example The presence of such significant number of industries in the region also invariably affect the environment of the region specifically and UK generally. London is also considered as the third command city in the world after New York and Tokyo because of the fact that it is the leading financial hub of the world. The overall population of London is however, mostly employed by the Services sector with less than a million population working in the manufacturing sector. Region’s only substantial manufacturing facility is Ford Dagenham which is also the largest diesel engine manufacturing facility in the world. Though the overall concentration of industry is low in the region however, it can still pose a threat to the environment. This proposed research study therefore aims to assess and explore the impact of industry in greater London on the environment of UK generally and Southern England specifically. Aims and Objectives of the Research The major aim of this research study is to understand and explore as to how the industry of great London impact on the environment of UK and especially the Southern England. ... How industries in great London have an impact on environment? 2. Are there any particular types of industries which are affecting the environment most? 3. Whether regulatory requirements for environment are being met by the industry? A general assessment of the regulatory requirements and the implementation will be undertaken to understand as to whether regulations have any influence on reducing the impact. 4. Does industry is taking efforts to lessen such impact? 5. If yes, what measures have been taken so far in order to contain the damage? These broader aims and objectives will therefore set the overall tone and direction of the research. These research objectives will also allow the researcher to set the overall research questions and hypothesis for this research. Research questions and Hypothesis Following research questions and hypothesis will be constructed for the purpose of this research: 1. Industry has significant impact on the environment. Industry does not have any impac t on the environment? 2. Businesses have put in place appropriate security and risk measures to reduce the impact on environment. There are no significant efforts taken by the industry to reduce the impact on environment. 3. Regulations have been successful in compelling businesses to reduce the harmful impact on environment. Regulations have failed to compel businesses to reduce the harmful impact on environment. Literature Review Greater London region has important significance in the economy of UK and contributed towards the economy to a great extent. It is also however, important to note that the economy of London went through a structural change where the focus was shifted from the manufacturing to services sector. Greater London therefore is still dominated by the firms

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