Friday, October 18, 2019

Emergency Response Planning For Airports Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Emergency Response Planning For Airports - Essay Example In this regard, responsibilities for workers in an airport and within its vicinity should be clearly defined to avoid confusion during operations. Apparently, the rapid response department in an airport must ensure that all the necessary equipment and the personnel required are present when the need arises. Different airports have varied emergency response techniques subject to the nature and scale of the disaster. Emergency response planning involves structuring the airport in such a way that the impact of an emergency is minimized. It includes establishing procedures to be followed when attending to an emergency. This essay is meant to critically analyze the equipment used, and Procedures followed when attending to emergencies, training and Practices of the emergency response department and policies adopted for effective response to emergencies. We focus on Dubai International Airport to learn more about emergency response including the procedures and equipment employed when handling emergency cases. The airport is administered in accordance with the United Arabs Emirates legal requirements for airports operations. The emergency response docket is headed by the chief emergency coordinator. The chief emergency coordinator is entitled with the responsibility of overseeing the reaction to emergency cases. The airport has a well-structured system of command which outlines who reports to who during an emergency. The rapid response department is stratified into several subunits to facilitate effective management and division of labor. Each subunit is given a certain responsibility and head by a commander, who reports to the chief emergency coordinator. The emergency department handles several cases such as health, fire, and security threats among others. The department has a well-trained team of security staff that handles emergency incidences on a

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