Thursday, October 3, 2019

Take My Eyes Essay Example for Free

Take My Eyes Essay 1.Spousal abuse physically and mentally are obviously the central theme to this movie, there are however a few other underlying themes. First of the theme of reforming or not reforming is shown through the abused women ´s decision in whether or not to go to Madrid and start a career she loves or to stay home with an abusive husband. In the end, the main character finally chose not to reform to her cultures ways and leaves for Madrid. Unlike her mother who stayed with an abusive husband until he died. Another theme would be how abuse affects the entire family. This is really seen with the son of the abused mother and abusive father. Even though the father was never abusive towards his son, he was still gravely affected by the abuse. The sister of the abused women was also affected because she saw what was happening and tried to help but her sister wouldn’t listen. This would have definitely kept her up at night at least. 2.There is explicit and implicit violence throughout the film. The beginning starts out with a ransacked apartment and the abused mother and her son running to her sister’s house. This would be an example of implicit violence. On the other hand when the husband slams her against walls and throws her around that is an example of explicit violence. The director does a good job of not using too much explicit violence because it could cause the film to become hard to watch by some viewers. 3.It is said that the eyes are the portal to one’s soul. When the husband demands for his wife’s and sons eyes, he is attempting to force his control into their soul. The tittle â€Å"take my eyes† represents the husbands need to have everything of her even her soul. The sex scene when he says give me your arms, give me your legs, and so on, is meant to show that he has not changed at all and still sees her as an object. In that scene however, she followed his request by saying take my arms, take my legs, which means she must have enjoyed some of it. 4.Art plays the role of her increased freedom and confidence. It starts with a small job working as a cashier at a religious museum, then becoming a voluntary tour guide at the museum that described and told the religious story of the painting, all the way to getting a job interview in Madrid. The more she chased art the farther it pulled her out of the hell she was in. Another important role was the one of clothes. As she gained confidence she began to dress better and take pride in herself. This angered her husband but because of her work she had to keep it up dressing nice which gave her more and more self-worth. 5.This movie is a serious study of a serious social pathology. Only two men in the movie were portrayed to be abusive monsters. The rest of the males were good honest people who the women enjoyed. It would be ignorant to claim this as male bashing. It is a good tool to advocate for those women.

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