Monday, September 23, 2019

Personal Educational Philosophy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Personal Educational Philosophy - Essay Example In the process of learning, it is important to realize that learning can take place either consciously or subconsciously. The effect of learning can be seen in the modification of behavior or the skills that one had possessed. Learning, whether conscious or subconscious can be said to be contextual. This means that one does not learn everything all at once. One builds on the knowledge that he had previously learnt, a. what one learns in different situations is also dependent on the knowledge that one already possesses. There are five main categories in which learning can be classified. These include learning being a quantitative increase in the knowledge that one possesses. Learning can also be classified as the storage of information that can be reproduced at a later date. The third classification of learning is that it involves acquiring skills and facts or information that can be used to achieve certain purposes. The classifications also include being able to derive meaning from a bstract concepts and interpreting the surroundings in the appropriate way. Education can be defined as the process through which a person learns and acquires information and knowledge. Education takes place through formal learning and informal learning. Formal learning is carried out in institutions, while informal learning takes place through life experiences. In carrying out formal learning, my philosophy is based on the need to assist in settling problems that make implementation of education process difficult. In as much as the problems exist, one of the philosophies that seek to ensure that fairness and justice is brought to education is that students ought to be educated in accordance to their abilities, interests, and capacities. Thus, there are different levels of education that relates to age of individual students and mental capabilities of the same students. Students who cannot perform and qualify from the elementary level are not allowed to proceed to the secondary and t he same apply to all the level. This means that in the process of formal education, I seek to ensure that the students are taught the content that is in line with their level of competence and their abilities. It is important for the education process to be encouraged among all members of the society. This is especially important for the younger generations. In the process of formal education, the provision of special education for the students with special needs should also be considered. The curriculum that is followed in the process of education should seek to ensure that it meets the needs of the students. It should also be designed in such a way that it takes into consideration the interests of the students. It is also important that one puts it into consideration the potential problems that may arise in the process of offering education to students and the potential solutions that can be used to overcome the problems anticipated. In understanding the concept of education, it i s important to understand schooling. Schooling

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