Thursday, September 12, 2019

Healthcare marketing the five Ps of healthcare marketing Assignment

Healthcare marketing the five Ps of healthcare marketing - Assignment Example Reading through the case, the most important strategic issue that CMC can be associated with is how to competitively win insurance holders from all walks of economic background to using its services. As it is now, the whole area of Fresno is noted to hardly embrace managed care and so there should be a strategy to making customers embrace this. With the strategic issue noted, it is expected that there would have been a strategic marketing plan that was designed to directly address the issue. This is because strategic marketing plans are useful only when they come to solve identified marketing problems (Good, 2008). specifically, the marketing plan should have made use of the focus strategic option to identify specific demographics whose managed care needs will be addressed directly. With the proposed strategic marketing plan and the outcome of the report, some of the foremost issues that should have gone ahead of positioning and promotion of CMC should have been the need for research and development (R&D) to understand the market, and also market feasibility to know the right marketing mix that works for this market. Elements of valid marketing plan that can be used include product or service, promotion, price, people, and purpose. These would help CMC to better position itself in a way that directly addresses the most salient needs it is faced with on the

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