Saturday, September 28, 2019

A letter to the editor of Wall Street Journal Assignment

A letter to the editor of Wall Street Journal - Assignment Example It can be argued that the next election will see a wide gender difference among the voters. Republicans have tried to come with measures to appeal to the female voters as the Democratic Party strives to take advanatge of the female vote by promoting economic policies that are more likely to favor women including equal pay protection and increasing the minimum wage. This is not the first time the Democrats have employed this strategy to campaign against the Republicans. I agree with the fact this is not simply about the social isssues but about the economic issues affecting the population. Furthermore, there is a clear diffrence in views on whether it is possible for individuals to succeed in the US. Most men agreed to the proposition that anyone could compared to 37 percent of women (Hook and Timiraos). A study conducted by the NBC Survey/new journal found that most women believe that the recession has not yet ended as compared to 43 percent of males (Hook and Timiraos). This explains why 70 percent of the women are of the view that increasing that minimum wage would result to an improvement in the economy (Hook and Timiraos). This letter confirms the facts stated in the paper on the disparities between the economic views between men and women and how it influences

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