Sunday, August 25, 2019

Teenage Pregnancy in Columbus, Georgia Research Paper - 1

Teenage Pregnancy in Columbus, Georgia - Research Paper Example Of particular focus in this paper will be the current state of the problem, and interaction with the community entities that influence and respond to the issue of teenage pregnancies in Columbus, Georgia Alabama. It’s situated on the central western edge of the United States of America state of Georgia. It also forms part of the It is part of the Columbus, Georgia-Alabama. The total population of the county was estimated to be around 189,885 during the year 2010 population enumeration census. Owing to the high prevalence of teen pregnancies in Columbus, the centers for Disease control formulated efforts that were science based to prevent teen pregnancy through three ambitious programs; sex education focusing on abstinence and contraceptive use, programs that ensure the youth are actively involved in constructive activities in the community and school and also a multifaceted program that focused on studies, healthcare, sports and future careers they might take up. Based on these three tenets, it was assumed that the rates and prevalence of teen pregnancies and HIV infections would be reduced. However this has not succeeded hundred percent as teen pregnancies have been reported to date. Teenage pregnancies are often occasioned by pre-marital sexual interactions among youth of nineteen years and below. Most of the youths in this age bracket are usually experimenting oblivious of the dangers that accrue to their unhealthy practice. It is against this backdrop information that this paper intends to explore the current state and levels of teenage pregnancies in Columbus, Georgia Alabama. Columbus, Georgia, the only city within Muscogee County, is located on the central western border of Georgia and is separated from Alabama by the Chattahoochee River. It covers a land area of around 216.3 square miles with a population of around 186,984 people as at 2010. Out of these area around 572.4 square

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