Thursday, August 8, 2019

How to Develop an Evangelistic Lifestyle Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

How to Develop an Evangelistic Lifestyle - Essay Example In this book, the author reveals how one may keep the belief that Gospel can clearly and effectively communicate the message without any legalism that turns grace confusing. Moreover, with the help of this book, one can learn more about his ultimate faith in Christ as a Savior. As it is believed and gospel message that all the believers in Christ are the representatives and the ambassadors for Jesus having responsibility to declare His message to the entire world, in fact the fallen word. Apostle Paul is an enormous example of a loving and bold representative for Jesus. He came forward with the message of cooperation and reconciliation to all those who come in contact with him. He was the person who really did faithful evangelism throughout his life. Conversely, most of us cannot prove to be Apostle Paul. For many believers of Jesus Christ, the job of evangelism is something this may turn them into guilt and fear. For most of the believers, it is not a joyful experience than what it should be. Although many believers put in great efforts to develop evangelistic lifestyle and declaring the magnificent gospel’s messages but at the same time some fail to understand the urgency of this spiritual nourishment. So, Dr. Moyer points out what can be done to develop more faithful evangelistic efforts. In the first chapter, How to Develop an Evangelistic Lifestyle, Dr. ... Christ commands to his representatives â€Å"Go into the world and preach the gospel to every creature.† This verse simply tells that evangelism requires true dedication and the obedience of God. On the other hand, according to Dr. Moyer, some people excuse while spreading the message of gospel to their surroundings which is absolutely contradictory in achieving evangelistic lifestyle. It is also presented in the book that those individuals who present themselves entirely to evangelism also offer themselves to prayers. They also request God to offer them with courage to speak about Gospel. This gave them strength to understand that God can do this or He will surely do that. Personal contact is also essential in developing evangelism. We may have contact with non- Christians in a get together or in an informal discussion regarding spiritual things. Moreover, we should not let fright and panic set in our way. With the help of this initial information put forward by Dr. Moyer, it is obvious that evangelistic lifestyle always deals with true commitment and obedience. It also demands sincere efforts and involvements rather than just developing a mere intention. It is a great way to bring lost individuals to the right path of God. Next to these initial details presented by Dr. Moyer, the second chapter of the book under title How to Turn a Conversation to Spiritual Things is far more interesting. According to Dr. Moyer, talking about spiritual things is nothing difficult but only to those who are already interested. So, the question is that what to do with those non- Christians who are not interested in such topics. How we can bring up the subject of Spiritual things to discussion. How we can turn the topic of discussion from Golf to God, from secular to

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