Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Standardized Coding Systems Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Standardized Coding Systems - Assignment Example A standard language improves patient care and also the adherence to the standards of nursing care. Assessment of nursing competency is also made possible. Communication among Nurses as well as other Health care practitioners is made better thus; documents by a particular nurse can be used by any other nurse thus flexible service providence (Nursing World Organisation, 2014). As the technology changes, the mode of recording and keeping health related data and documents has also changed. Most of the records are Electronic documents(ED). The use of ED can only be effective with a standardise vocabularies to descried key components of the health care process (Thompson, 2013). The Committee for Nursing Practice Information Infrastructure (CNPII) of the America Nurses Association (ANA) recognize thirteen standardized languages one of which has been discarded. Two of then languages are interdisciplinary while two are minimum data set. The rest seven languages are nursing specific. Any individual m ay develop a language and then submit it to the CNPII for approval voluntary. The developer should only make sure that, the nomenclature, classification, data set and terminologies of the language supports the nursing practices and that there is no ambiguity (Philadelphia: NANDA (2012). Standardisation is necessary as data collection and analysis to evaluate nursing care outcomes are enhanced (Nursing World Organisation, 2014). Standardized Nursing Language: What Does It Mean for Nursing Practice? (n.d.). Retrieved December 16, 2014, from

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