Sunday, February 16, 2020

Ethics in IT Systems Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Ethics in IT Systems - Essay Example An IT system, just like any other formal system, incorporates ethical, social, and political issues. Some of the ethical issues facing IT systems originate from political and social debates. Let us consider an example in order to understand the issues that concern an IT system. Let us visualize the society as a calm pond in summer time, reflecting a society at equilibrium with individuals and political and social institutions. The individuals in the society adhere to a given code of conduct developed by social institutions, like organizations, family, education, and enforced by the political institutions. In that calm society, let us now throw a stone inside the pond. The action will most definitely disturb the calm society. This stone is IT systems in the current society, and it sure does cause ripples. The individuals in the calm society face issues not covered by the social or political institutions. This conceptual model illustrates the current society and the continually develop ing IT systems. Results of such IT systems raise several moral issues of concern to the society, which include information rights and obligations, property rights and obligations, accountability and control, system quality, and quality of life.   Information rights and obligations concern the information in IT systems and possession power of the same by employees and the organizations. Questions like what the employees should protect, and their obligation and that of the company concerning the information fall under this moral category.

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