Saturday, November 9, 2019

Leadership and Organizational Behavior Essay

Armor Valley Services (AVS), LLC is a company that provides programs that are specifically developed to meet the needs of anyone who qualifies for hospice care, personal care or homemaker programs, from the simplest custodial care to the most complexes concern. They recognize ease the emotional, physical and financial strains imposed upon the client and family. AVS is focused on building a working environment where people are better able to succeed. It encourages achievement with personal triumph as a major contributor to success. With this culture being at the top we are able to introduce a friendly virus within the organization. People are aligned to common goals and objectives to help with safety awareness. Even though, more training is needed to help accomplish this, the members all have a common direction of taking care of the client’s needs. These results indicate that my organization is dedicated to the members actively support each other to identify problems and find workable solutions. I am a Personal Care-giver, as such, I conduct services such as bathing, cleaning, preparing meals, sitting with clients and assisting them with the daily needs of life. I have been working part-time with AVS since September of 2009. The problems observed are the lack of training and personal care given to the individual patient. Most of the patients are elderly or unable to do for themselves. So we have to take the extra step to make them feel needed and want to give that extra push to live. Also untrained personnel can cause someone to lose their life. Even though this is a small upcoming business all precautions should be taken to ensure safety first. This is a very important aspect for me, because I don’t want anyone hurt from a lack of knowing. Other problems observed, is the lack of work for the personnel. If you don’t have enough patients for a worker, why hire another person to work and you are giving both workers part-time work. On the other hand, I understand why because it keeps the employer from having to provide any benefits. Preliminary Problem Statement AVS does not have enough well-trained employees for this type of job. We are dealing with elderly clients that have a multitude of problems. We are not trained in medical emergencies, to include CPR. I have abreast myself in ensuring that I have just the basics of CPR and the knowledge to know when emergency assistance is needed. Having untrained employees can cause risk, law suits and cause someone to lose their life. AVS also is trying to cut down their cost by not providing sufficient hours to their workers. Having insufficient hours can cause a big turnover and lack of enthusiasm in your workers. With these working conditions, how can the worker efficiently do their job; how can the clients get the best possible service; and how can the company retain and maintain the best possible work ethics, if their main focus is on cost effectiveness? The TCO’s my problem is related to are B- given the influence of factors such as values, attitudes, beliefs, feelings, and personality on individual behavior, demonstrate how knowledge of individual difference factors to help in understanding, predicting, and influencing individual behavior and C- given the array of theories of motivation, demonstrate their application to successfully guide employees toward accomplishing organizational objectives.

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