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In the business world, it is seen that outsourcing is the major problem, mainly when it includes cheap labor that is offered in many developing countries.   It is analyzed that there are many businesses that have embarked on this exercise with the motive of earning profits, that enhances the overall satisfaction level of the shareholders and give assurance of the success in the future. There are many individuals who are claiming that it is ethical practice and also others are claiming that the practice is not considered as moral. This argument does not take into consideration the method of outsourcing but consider the ethical issues that are surrounded by the process of outsourcing. Outsourcing of cheap overseas labor has b e a corporate process but the practice has raised many questions related whether the practice is immoral or not (Gerbl, McIvor, Loane & Humphreys, 2015).  Ã‚   In this paper, the analysis will be made by taking into consideration both the positive and negative facets of the practice. By taking into consideration ethical opinion, there are many advices opposing the use of overseas cheap labor. One of the argument states that the panies make profits from the use of cheap labor and the profits are reserved by the rich class people, while the people belong from middle class lose their purchasing power and also high taxes are paid by them. There are various individuals who notice government's distribution of economic wealth with negative opinions. The corporate practices considered by the organizations are related to contributing to the economic difference will be taken in a negative way by the public. It is analyzed that overseas employees are not able to make any contribution to the security which is socially related and tax rate of any country. According to Kline (2010), the high tax rate achieved from the business profits cannot justified for the overall amount that the government lose just because of the i e taxes.   Negativity is created in the residents due to the loss of various opportunities related with the jobs.   If the cheap overseas labor is used then it disregards the munity and the workers who assisted the organization to achieve success in the market (Poutanen & Kovalainen, 2017).  Ã‚   So, it is evaluated that success of the organization is related to profits and also concerned to develop the munity.   If cheap overseas labor is taken into consideration than it affects the job opportunities for the individuals that are available and also weaken the economy of the developing nations (Bevan, Brinkley, Cooper & Bajorek, 2018).   For instance: If working criteria of the individual increases than extra cash is available that can be spent on products, which suggests that extra jobs can be formed to consid er the overall demand of the products in the market.   Therefore, by taking into consideration overseas cheap labor by American organizations can affect the economy cycle of the country. It is analyzed that those who are stating that use of overseas cheap labor is right, for them it is important to consider that, at the time of manufacturing of goods by using overseas cheap labor it is important to import more products than manufacturing it on a domestic platform.   This argument states that product should be in the country where there is cheap labor as this is one of the best strategies that the pany should consider so that profits can be enhanced and also the satisfaction level of the stakeholders can be maximized. Advocates of outsourcing cheap labor by the organizations maintain the petitive advantage by focusing on products that can help to enhance the overall profitability.   The argument is that organizations have the goal of earning cash by producing goods and selling them to the customers at a low cost (Wuyts, Rindfleisch & Citrin, 2015).     In this way, if overseas labor is used then there can be a difference in the overall cost. This cost difference that takes place helps the organizations to achieve overall goals and objectives and also the cheap labor that is used can be justified (Oshri, Kotlarsky & Willcocks, 2015).   For instance:   US organizations should give petition in a global economy which states that the organizations are permitted to recruit worldwide. petitive advantage is important and one of the best strategies that US organizations should adopt is cheap overseas labor. The next argument that is in support of the panies considering cheap labor overseas is due of the enhancing want of corporate social responsibility which states that many organizations are offering service to individuals in developing nations. Use of cheap labor plays a great role in offering job opportunities for the individuals in developing countries (Beam, 2016).   It is also seen that with the use of overseas labor supports American organizations to shape the middle class in the developing nations. Outsourcing cheap labor will help the Americans to grow into a country including of consultants and entrepreneurs.   Outsourcing overseas labor is related to partnership and not with theft.   Corporations who take into consideration the usage of cheap overseas labors acts in the interest of the customers (Lester, 2018). For example: To pay more to the US workers as linked to the foreign labors is not beneficial to the local economy. Workers always want that the earnings should b e high. It is ethical to provide employment to the people who are existing in developing nations rather than individuals existing in First world nation where jobs are availed. So, from the argument, it is analyzed that the use of cheap labor by the panies can give an advantage to the customers and shareholders at the expense of the employees.   An Argument is made in which support point is that use of cheap labor is not ethical from the point that outsourcing cheap overseas labor can give more expense to the foreign economies.   The argument is elevated to assist the point that using cheap overseas labor is ethical by taking into consideration corporate social responsibility.   Therefore, ethical problems arise related to how organizations should consider the cheap labor like inadequate working conditions and poor wages to the employees. Beam, E. A. (2016). Do job fairs matter? experimental evidence on the impact of job-fair attendance.  Journal of Development Economics,  120, 32-40. Bevan, S., Brinkley, I., Cooper, C., & Bajorek, Z. 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Wuyts, S., Rindfleisch, A., & Citrin, A. (2015). Outsourcing customer support: The role of provider customer focus.  Journal of Operations Management ,  35, 40-55. Looking for an answer 'who will do my essay for cheap',

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